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Why work in Sallustro

We aim to promote a relaxed place to work, positive, diverse and professional, with creative and proactive people willing to grow, taking risks, overcoming obstacles and facing new challenges. We focus on the creation of a high productivity culture that attracts, retains and develops leaders with superior results.

What define us

Diversity of ages, preferences and interests. We are a flexible company; we let people to give free rein to creativity. In Sallustro every idea counts, what others think is absurd, is a possibility for us.

We strive for the continuous self-improvement of our talents

We believe that through continuous learning we develop abilities and knowledge that let us achieve new goals. That’s why we invest in everyone who is a part of our team, striving to reach high performance standards. We want to open people’s minds and change attitudes that result in personal and customers benefits.

We are innovators

We adapt to changes, we INNOVATE, changes means challenges, challenges require new ideas, and ideas lead to big projects.

We give a chance for growing

In Sallustro we are concerned for the professional growth of our talents; we strive to know the interests and expectations of everyone who’s part of the Sallustro work team.

We are convinced that for us to thrive as a company is essential to promote and support the continuous professional growth of every people that is a part of Sallustro.

Application form

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