Social Responsibility


Response to poverty

In 1985; Mr. Alberto Sallustro and Mrs. Ivonne de Sallustro founded the DEQUINI foundation (let the children come to me), a private non-profit  organization who works with 25 self-management  programs aimed for children, families and communities living in extreme poverty in Paraguay.

Response to education

In year 1992; Alberto Sallustro was a founder of Fundación en Alianza, a non-profit organization who has developed and published books for the Educational Reform in Paraguay and today is the most important Publisher of textbooks in the country.

Response to the socio-political environment

In year 2000; Alberto Sallustro was a founder of political movement “Patria querida” now officially a political Party. Despite its short life, is now the third political force in Paraguay. It has gained national confidence and gathers some of the most qualified people from different economic, social, cultural and religious areas in Paraguay, with a very promising future.