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Sallustro & CIA

1974: Alberto Sallustro founded the Alberto Sallustro and Associates company, dedicated to the commercialization of American, European and South American manufactures into the Paraguayan market.

1977: The Alberto Sallustro and Associates Company was renamed to Sallustro Cía S.R.L. and starts spreading its activities, including importing and exporting, taking advantage from experiences and personal contacts previously made.

2009: Sallustro ventures into “concept stores” and incorporates renowned international brands such as: Hush Puppies, Converse, Aldo, Hering and Bottero.

2013: The Sallustro y Cía S.R.L. company splits up, demerging the wholesale distribution from the retail channel with the name of Sallustro y Cía S.A. Currently, the company has more than 1000 wholesale distributors and more than 30 own stores.

Future plans

Sallustro & Cía faces the future with an internal intensification, employee training programs, the empowerment of its public relations with customers and suppliers and technological, administrative and market innovations.

Furthermore, it is open for new businesses and constantly seeking new representations, with a wide commercial network, many personal contacts and important relationships at corporate levels, financial circles and governmental spheres, a strong financial and economic base and an asset to invest in good businesses.

It is also open to the operational diversification of new commercial and industrial fields, Joint Ventures and other forms of business expansion.

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